Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what if...

perhaps to some, what I write will have little or no bearing or resemblance of anything remotely interesting, relevant. Or, what if what I write in this blog, saves my life one day? It may sound presumptuous, but what if starting this blog helps spread my story to the ears, minds and hearts of people who care to know...and what if it helps someone else in some way,  What if?

What if I begin blogging, and it is the most cathartic experience I have had in a long time?

What If I begin blogging, and it serves a greater purpose that I do not even realize exists?

What If everything happens for a reason and the priest I encountered the other day was right?  You know what he said? He said I have a gift. No, not for writing. Is that obvious? Rather, he said I should "tell the story."

What if I do "Live to Tell the Secret" and I do have "the chance to tell?" like Madonna said. Yes, I said Madonna.

What if I start writing today and I don't stop....

If nobody ever reads this, at least I know I did "it." I thought about it and I did it. Maybe its "no big deal" for some people to start a blog but for me it is  step out in faith...AND WHAT IF IT IS THE RIGHT STEP?

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